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Specialized Skills in Defending Georgia Semi-Truck Accident Claims

Each Georgia truck accident lawyer at Thomas Kennedy has a detailed understanding of trucking industry operations and state and federal laws affecting tractor-trailer accident claims in Georgia.  Our truck accident lawyers are prepared to defend all parties charged with negligence in these complex claims, including—

  • Tractor-trailer drivers accused of negligence during a run
  • Maintenance and support personnel charged with substandard repairs, improper loading procedures, or failure in other activities required to put a truck safely on the road
  • Company executives suspected of issuing unsafe scheduling requirements or otherwise flouting regulations designed to ensure truck safety

The sheer size and weight of a semi-truck virtually guarantee that victims of accidents are likely to sustain serious injuries or disabilities. Each year, hundreds of deaths were caused by tractor-trailer accidents in Georgia. These emotionally charged cases require the specialized skills and resources provided by the attorneys at Thomas Kennedy.

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