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  • A Perpetual Legacy of Excellence

    The Oldest Black-Owned Law Firm in Georgia

    Founded in 1971, Thomas Kennedy Sampson & Tompkins LLP has served the legal needs of everyday people, Fortune 100 corporations, governmental authorities, and small businesses for over 50 years.

  • Powerhouse Corporate Counsel

    Legal Counsel for World-Class Companies

    Thomas Kennedy is the award-winning legal counsel for high-profile, 7-figure cases involving Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

  • Mentorship Matters

    Ten Former Lawyers Appointed as Judges

    Thomas Kennedy is proud to have trained and mentored 10 firm lawyers who have ascended to Superior, State, and Magistrate Courts within the state of Georgia. 

  • Winning Record, Maximum Compensation

    Multiple 8-Figure Recoveries

    Thomas Kennedy has won several 8-figure settlements for individuals who experienced catastrophic injury, wrongful death, and/or medical malpractice. 

    Thomas Kennedy Sampson & Tompkins LLP

    A Preeminent, World-Class Law Firm

    Thomas Kennedy RE Thomas

    R. E. THOMAS, JR.

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    remembering Our History

    Built to Be The Best Since 1971

    With great vision and incorrigible optimism, John L. Kennedy, Reuben T. Bussey Jr. (not pictured), and current managing partner, Thomas G. Sampson Sr. established the firm as a legal force to be reckoned with in the city of Atlanta.

    In 1981, legal pioneer and civil rights activist, R. E. Thomas, Jr., merged his law firm, thus creating Thomas Kennedy. Upon an unyielding foundation of perseverance and fortitude, the firm continues to build its legacy of excellence, community service, and mentorship.

    Not just for the People, we are the people

    Thomas Kennedy Cares

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    Justice Starts Here

    For over 50 years, Thomas Kennedy has fought for the rights of everyday people who have experienced injuries or injustice. We hear the unheard and want you to know that you don’t have to fight your legal battle alone.

    Our experienced and professional team of legal advisors are standing by to serve yet another generation of individuals, corporations, and state and local municipalities. Every client, regardless of the award, receives our commitment to excellence and the full weight of the Thomas Kennedy’s pursuit of justice.

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    We will strive for your rights, protection, and justice with everything we’ve got.

    “We are more than just a law firm.
    We serve as pillars of the community, examples of excellence, and symbols of possibility."

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    Thomas Kennedy's Commitment in Action

    At Thomas Kennedy, we believe in the importance of giving back to the communities we serve. It’s important to us to make a strong impact inside and outside the courts.

    gates city bar

    Gate City Bar Association

    In 2008 as President of the Gate City Bar Association, Thomas G. “Woody” Sampson II, was instrumental in the creation and implementation of the Gate City Summer Associate Program to mentor African-American law students in their development as attorneys.

    think young andrew young foundation

    Andrew Young Foundation

    Thomas Kennedy proudly supports the programs of the Andrew Young Foundation and its mission to change the world.


    Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers

    All Thomas Kennedy lawyers provide pro bono legal services to indigent clients.

    agape youth and family

    Agape Youth & Family Center

    The firm provides annual support to Agape's after-school program for disadvantaged youth.

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